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Dec 22, 2009

HAZARIBAGH : Hazaron yaadon ka shahar !

I have also very fascinating experiences during the small period I spent at PTC Hazaribagh and Civil Court in the year 1999. The green surrounding of the town always attracted me. I used to up & down from Jhumari Telaiya, KODERMA; via bus ; crossing the famous Telaiya Dam ; and the green forests.
           My favorite destinations in the town were Cafetaria,Pagoda chowk,a bengali sweet shop at Jhanda Chowk etc. Ocassionally we used to go at the famous NATIONAL PARK. And during various visits at the National Park,WOW!!!!! one day we were succeded to make  DURSHAN of a Rabitttttttttt. The government should do something in this regard. There was one place of ancient importance in front or near about  the entrance of National Park; in palliated condition.
During that time I have came in contact with the local population there. Most of them were came from another places and settled there.This was happened not only in the town but in the surrounding rural areas too. And so the mixed cultural flavor was always present there.
                        Last time on 06th of October this year I visited HAZARIBAGH. The occasion was the birth of the first child of my brother-in-law; Bishmayji. Hazaribagh was changed very much and looked as racing towards modern urbanization, and leaving its green AURA behind.                                                

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